Our ironing workshops are open from Monday through Saturday.

Your clothes will be carefully ironed within an average of 48 hours.
One service voucher = one hour of ironing = 7 shirts, more or less, depending on your clothes.
You don’t waste a minute!
If we iron for you for 50 minutes we ask you for one service voucher and save 10 minutes for the next time.

We accept paper and electronic service vouchers!

Be sure to tell us if you want a certain item on a hanger or just folded.

For more details on the time necessary to iron your clothes, please see our list below.

  • 1. Bring your clothes

    Bring your clothes to one of our workshops from Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm, or on Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm.

  • 2. We iron them

    Your clothes will be carefully ironed.

  • 3. Your clothes are ready

    It's that simple!

Ironing: Time needed per item

Shirt on hanger8
Folded shirt9
Trousers without pleats/Jeans6
Pleated trousers8
Straight skirt6
Pleated skirt8
Pyjama pants4
Pyjama jacket5
Bermuda, shorts5
Pullover, sweatshirt, polo shirt6
T-shirt, top5
Athletic jacket5
Athletic pants4
Child's garment 0 to 6 years3
Child's dress/dungarees 0 to 6 years6
Child's garment 7 to 12 years4
Child's dress/dungarees 7 to 12 years7
Bed sheet, 1-person7
Bed sheet, 2-person10
Duvet cover, 1-person9
Duvet cover, 2-person12
Tablecloth (small)7
Tablecloth (large)10
Bath towel3
Handkerchief, kitchen towel3
Small item3
Supplement for delicate fabric: linen, silk2
Supplement for size3

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