Service vouchers

What are service vouchers?

The service voucher system is a payment system subsidised by the three Regions: Wallonia, the Brussels-Capital Region and the Flemish Region.

Thanks to this payment method, any adult resident in Belgium can benefit from services in housekeeping, ironing, household errands or transport of persons with reduced mobility at advantageous rates.

The use of service vouchers simplifies your daily life and alleviates your tedious household tasks. You call on a worker from an approved company and pay him/her with a service voucher per hour of work performed.

You can order 500 service vouchers per calendar year, the first 300 at the price of €10 and 200 at €12. Attractive prices for performing your household tasks.

There are special situations in which the order limit is different. To consult them, click here.

The ordering procedure is easy and allows you to quickly check all the services. Whether you opt for the paper or electronic format, it’s simple.


Auderghem Agency Administration
Boulevard du Triomphe 137
1160 Auderghem
Phone: +32 2 230 33 03
+32 470 473 197

Watermael Boitsfort ironing center
Avenue des Bouleaux 2
1170 Watermael Boitsfort
Phone: +32 2 230 33 03

Main advantages of the service voucher

Using the service voucher is easy and helps you manage your daily household chores.


The service voucher system is a safe and secure system.

Competitive price

The service voucher costs the user €9 per hour worked by the housekeeper.

Tax reduction

The purchase of service vouchers entitles you to a tax reduction.
• In the Brussels-Capital Region, you benefit from a tax reduction of €1.35/service voucher.
• In the Flemish Region, you benefit from a tax reduction of €2.70/service voucher.
• In Wallonia you benefit from a tax reduction of €0.90/service voucher


You can use the service voucher for different activities: housekeeping, ironing, household errands or transporting people with reduced mobility.

Sodexo registration

Advance registration with the Sodexo company is necessary:

 You can register online by clicking on your region:

By telephoning:
– 02. 401. 31. 60 for the Brussels region
 02. 401. 31. 30 for the Flanders region
– 02. 401. 31. 70 for the Wallonia region

Or contact us and let us help you.

To order your service vouchers

To order your electronic service vouchers you must make a payment
of the total value of the service vouchers (min. 10 service vouchers) you
wish to order to the Sodexo bank account:

Brussels: BE28 0017 7246 3620
Flanders: BE41 0017 7246 2610
Wallonia: BE15 0017 7247 4330

with your user number in the standard format message (12 digits).

Any order of electronic service vouchers must include at least 10 service vouchers.

How do you fill out the service voucher?

When the home help worker has finished her work, you must prepare the service vouchers to
give to her (one service voucher/hour of work).

Complete the front of the service voucher legibly, in the spaces provided, without going outside the boxes, in black or in blue.

Do not complete the back of the service voucher; this side is reserved for your home help worker and the approved company.

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